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  • ​Greeley Center for Independence

    External Resource

    Greeley Center for Independence strives to be a place you can come for encouragement, growth and transition. We offer places where people with both temporary and permanent disabilities can reach their true potential of personal independence.

  • ​Colorado Respite Coalition

    External Resource

    Colorado Respite Coalition advocates for a statewide respite system. The Coalition is a resource for Colorado families in need of respite options. They do not coordinate individual respite for families. Please call or visit their website for a respite provider locator service. CRC‘s Vision: All Colorado families affected by a special need or disability will have convenient access to a variety of exciting, state of the art, planned and emergency respite options.

  • ​Learning Services

    External Resource

    At Learning Services, we understand the serious challenges facing people with an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) and their families. We have been helping families navigate the complicated process of treatment, recovery, and rehabilitation for more than 25 years. All of our acquired brain injury rehabilitation programs take place within a residential environment, designed to deliver comprehensive therapy in a real-world setting. These programs provide therapeutic environments and functional based treatment designed to meet the individual needs of our residents, families, and financial partners. Specific programs include: post-acute neurorehabilitation, neurorehabilitation, day treatment, and supported living.

  • Rocky Mountain Health Care Services: Brain Care

    External Resource

    BrainCare is a program providing residential services in southern Colorado for supportive living and post-acute brain injury participants. With a spectrum of residential and recovery services working together, we’re able to meet the needs of BrainCare participants where they are and support them as they acquire skills, grow in independence and work towards self-sufficiency through programming at our Neuropathways Center.

  • Residential Hilltop

    External Resource

    Hilltop's Life Adjustment Program (LAP) was created in 1985 in response to a growing need to meet ongoing residential needs for traumatic brain injury survivors. Our program is home to over 70 adults and serves those who otherwise cannot successfully be independent in the community. Common to these individuals are needs for medical support, medication administration, money management, cognitive/memory problem solving, insight into judgment issues, and the need for behavioral supportive management. We recognize that every resident's needs are different, and wrap the applicable services around the individual's needs - a key element that makes this program so unique. Through this program, individuals are provided the opportunity to reclaim integrity, wholeness, and independence.

  • Hilltop

    External Resource

    In combination with residential needs, we provide recreation and fitness under the umbrella of our Specialized Adult Day Service Program. The primary site for this program is the Gould Fitness Center, which is also housed on our campus. Opportunities for physical and mental growth are greatly accelerated for all participants through the activities and equipment provided within the Center. All clients have access to an array of weight training and physical fitness, and sports activities such as basketball and volleyball. There's a full size pool table and ping pong table available, as well as a large assortment of other games. Off campus activities such as camping, skiing, rafting, horseback riding, community sporting and concert events, and vocational projects and placements are just some of the highlights of this program.

  • Easter Seals

    External Resource

    Easter Seals Colorado adult day services meet daytime needs of adults with disabilities while promoting their dignity and independence. Easter Seals Colorado partners with families to ensure a continuation of their high-standards of support. Some of the programs include our warm water therapy pool, Watsu sessions, Explorer's, WINGS adult day program, Post Polio Support Groups, and Community Transit Services.

  • The Journey Specialized Adult Day Services

    External Resource

    The Journey provides specialized adult days services for persons with brain injury or stroke Monday through Friday 9a-3p in Arvada. Members attending the day program will have a strong voice in activities and events planned. Activities may include bowling, fitness, community events or outings, creative expression such as arts, crafts, writing or music, cognitively challenging tasks and games, social interaction. The Journey is certified by the State of Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and accepts private payment as well as the Medicaid Brain Injury Waiver and Elderly, Blind and Disabled Waiver.

  • Rocky Mountain Stroke Center

    External Resource

    Rocky Mountain Stroke Center exists to provide information, rehabilitation, and support to stroke survivors and their families in Colorado, as well as providing education to the greater community about stroke.

  • ​Job Accomodation Network

    External Resource

    Provides assistance to individuals with disabilities ready to go back to work. Free consulting services to increase employability of those with disabilities. They also provide worksite accommodation solutions.