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Foam Pads or "Quad Pads"

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Foam Pads or “Quad Pads”

What is a Foam Pad or “Quad Pad?”

Padding can be done in bed using regular or foam pillows. When choosing a pillow consult with your wound care specialist or your primary care physician to make sure your are using the right pillow for your needs.

Foam pads or “quad pads” are specially cut to your dimensions. They are not made by any company. They can be ordered through upholstery repair shops. The size commonly used at Craig Hospital for padding under the ankles and above and below the pelvic area is: 6 inches x 18 inches x 3 inches.

Foam pads need to be replaced several times a year because they lose their shape. In one unpublished study by the Craig Outpatient Clinic, foam could not longer support the average ankle (10 lbs.) after 30 days. Replace foam pads when they no longer provide support or no longer relieve pressure from bony prominences. Always use soft foam. If foam is too hard, it can cause pressure sores.

Where do I buy foam pads or “quad pads?”

Craig does not recommend or endorse one company over another. You can buy foam from any upholstery repair shop.

What if I develop a pressure sore?

Padding is just one aspect of preventing and treating pressure sores. Whenever using a new product, like foam pads or a new pillow, make sure it reduces pressure to the bony prominences. If you notice any redness or skin irritation discontinue use and contact your wound care specialist or primary care provider immediately.

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Revised: 4/2015

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