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Helpful Tools for Cooking When You Have a Spinal Cord Injury

This video shows two people with cervical spinal cord injuries preparing a complex meal using adaptive tools along with regular kitchen items that make cooking possible.

Adaptive cooking tools used in this video include: jar opening gripper, electric can opener, automatic/electric jar opener, silicone jar opener, table top jar and bottle holders, Quadtools knife, Rocking T knife, adaptive knife, adaptive eating utensils, adaptive scissors, adaptive cutting board, hand-held blender, scale, silicone measuring cups, electric salt and pepper shakers, oil dispenser, plate guard, silicone plate grip, non-slip plate mat, adaptive cup holder, silicone pot holder, lap tray, Quadtools grabber.

Created by Craig Hospital and the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, this video highlights functional tools or adaptive equipment available for people with hand weakness who would like to gain more independence in their daily activities.