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Mounts, Holders and Stands

Being able to access computers, phones and smart devices can open so many opportunities for those recovering from brain or spinal cord injuries. In the Adaptive Technology Lab at Craig Hospital our patients learn about and can trial options for holding their devices so they can use them from their wheelchairs or beds.

Computer Desk Resources

Here are a few things we encourage our patients to consider when purchasing a computer desk:

  • Do you need it to be height-adjustable?
  • Will you be using your computer in different height chairs and/or your bed?
  • Do you need to adjust the height yourself or have your caregiver do it?
  • Do you need it to be mobile (will you be using the computer in different locations)?
  • Do you need to roll your chair underneath it so you can access the keyboard or mouse with your hands?
  • Do you need to shift your weight in your wheelchair without having to first back out?
  • Do you need additional space for your printer, mouse, keyboard tray, etc.?

Listed below are a few examples of computer carts and tables patients at Craig Hospital have used and enjoyed. Along with the resources listed in this section, you may also want to search the Internet for “adjustable computer cart” or “wheelchair accessible computer table.”

  • Accella Adjustable Activity/Computer Table: height-adjustable table ideal for wheelchairs or computer work stations. Especially useful when frequent adjustments are needed. Adjustment range is 27-39 inches. Its hand crank adjusts at five turns per inch.
  • Anthro Adjustable Point-of-Care Cart: adjusts from 27 ½ to 37 ½ inches (however this may require assistance from a caregiver). Offers a small footprint. Holds up to 150 pounds. Can be easily used while in bed or in a wheelchair. Note: You’ll need the Ergotron LCD holder to use this cart while in bed
  • Autonomous Smartdesk: Self adjusting sit/stand desk remembers four different height positiong. For an additional fee, you can also access smart home controls, manage your calendar, and more using voice commands. Comes in a variety of sizes and finishes.
  • BEKANT SIT/STAND DESK: electrically adjust the height from 22- to 48-inches. Holds up to 150 pounds. Also includes a cable management system.
  • Deluxe Height-Adjustable Computer Table: has pop-pin adjustment system for changing the surface height. Sliding tray allows you to position yourself closer to the keyboard. It can be customized. Available in 15 sizes and eight colors. Comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Easychair Workstation: adjustable boom arm mounted on a stand with rollers. Allows you to use your computer from a recliner, bed, or wheelchair.
  • Electric Standing Desk by Standup Desk Store:Adjusts your height between 29.5 and 45.25 inches with the push of a button. Lockable castors provide portability and stability.
  • Ergotron LX Desk Mount LCD Arm: when mounted on a cart, provides easy viewing of your screen from bed. The LX frees up space and allows positioning of your display for greater productivity. It is a good option if you want to weight-shift without first having to back out your wheelchair.
  • Vox Adjustable Activity/Computer Table: power adjustable from 24-50 inches. Aluminum telescoping legs. Available in many sizes, shapes and finishes. Five year limited warranty.
  • 48-inch Crank Adjustable Standing Desk: easily adjusts from sit to standing. Mobile and adjustable to meet your everyday needs.


Mounts are used to secure your smart device to a wheelchair or table top. Here are a few things we encourage our patients to consider when purchasing them:

  • How/where will your device mount to your wheelchair, bed rail or counter top?
  • How high do you need your device elevated from the base of the mount?
  • Once installed, will you still need to adjust the mount to suit your needs (i.e. moving it out of the way when you’re pulling up to a table)?
  • Have you checked with your wheelchair’s manufacturer to see if they also offer mounts specifically designed for your chair?
  • Will the mountaccommodate a case for your device?
  • What is the vendor’s return policy?

Note: There are many mounts available for securing personal devices inside cars. Search the Internet to find the right product for your needs.

RAM Mounts - Build Your Own Mount

RAM is a leading provider of mounting equipment and systems. The company offers entire kits or individual components you can assemble to meet to your specific requirements.

  • Ram Mount Kit RAM-B-149Z-UN9U: consists of a zinc coated u-bolt base, double socket arm, round base adapter and universal clamping cradle for 10" tablets. Accommodates rails from 0.50" to 1.25" in diameter. Parts have a lifetime guarantee. The mount and arm can easily be removed, but the base requires a tool.

RAM offers a variety of modular arms, bases and mounts to create the product that works best for you. If you are connecting multiple arms or a heavy tablet you may want to consider using a larger ball size for better stability. A typical mount has three components: the base, the arm and the mount that holds the device to the arm.

RAM BASES (use these to attach your device to a wheelchair or surface):

  • Rail Base with Zinc Coated U-Bolt and 1-inch Ball for Rails from 0.5-1.25 inches. Requires a 9/16th inch wrench to attach to a wheelchair. RAM-B-231ZU
  • Composite Yoke Clamp Base with 1-inch Rubber Ball. No tools required. RAP-B-121BU
  • Yoke Clamp Base with 1-inch Rubber Ball. No tools required. RAM-B-121-BU

RAM ARMS (use these to position your device at the desired length between the mount and base):

  • Double Socket 3” Arm for 1-inch Ball Bases RAM-B-201U
  • Composite Double Socket 3” Swivel Arm for 1-inch Ball Bases RAP-B-200-12U
  • Long Double Socket 6” Arm for 1-inch Ball Bases RAM-B-201U-C

RAM MOUNTS (use these to hold your device and attach it to the arm):

  • Universal X-Grip Cell Phone Holder with 1-inch Ball. Holds a variety of phones in cases. RAM-HOL-UN7BU
  • EZ-ROLL’R Model Specific Sync Cradle for the Apple iPad. Holds earlier model Ipads that aren’t in their case. RAM-HOL-AP8DU
  • X-Grip III Universal Clamping Cradle. Holds most tablets in their cases. RAM-HOL-UN9U

RAM CONNECTORS (use these to connect two arms to lengthen the mount):

  • Double 1" Ball Adapter RAM-B-230U. 1" rubber ball on both ends allow the connection of two 1" socket arms. When measured from ball center to ball center the arm length is 1.75". This connector is ideal if your mount arm is too short.
  • 12.75" Long Extension Pole with (2 qty) 1" Diameter Ball Ends RAP-BB-230-14U - extension pole with (2) 1" diameter ball ends. The ball ends are compatible with all 1" ball double socket arms.

  • ARKON Heavy DutyTable, Desk or Wheelchair Tablet Mount: fits tablets 9-12-inches in screensize, even with cases. Comes with a four-hole drill base and is recommended forpermanent installation.
  • Articulating Arm for All IPads/Tall Adjustable Tablet Holder: includes the Super-Clamp, which allows you to mount your tablet to wheelchairs, bedrails, desks and tables. It can reach up to 24 inches. Note: a mouthstick holder can be added to this product by RJ Cooper.
  • BESTEK Desktop/Bed Clamp Mount: full motion, rotatable with 360-degree gooseneck arm that allows you to set your iPad’s position, height and viewing angle to meet your needs.
  • BESTEK Gooseneck Phone Mount: desktop/bed holder with a sturdy clip, flexible and adjustable, works well on a night stand. Gooseneck is 34 inches long.
  • iDevice Hover Mounting System: made from ultra-light and strong carbon fiber. At 1.1 pounds, Hover is 60 percent lighter than the company’s popular Friction Knob or Lever Universal Mounting Systems. Has a 24-inch reach.
  • ModularHose Clamp Arm with Mounting Disc: Loc-Line’s ball and socket design is adjustable for both position andlength. It is a helpful solution for holding lightweight items. Includes 1- and2-foot length of ¾-inch Loc-Line tubing.
  • Mount’n Mover Wheelchair Mount: tilts, turns and adjusts to your needs. This high-end mount can becustomized for those with limited mobility and holds a variety of devices, suchas laptops, notebooks, tablets and cell phones.
  • Smart Phone Sleeper: universal smart phone holder with a 9-inch base and a 27-inch gooseneckarm that allows for mobility and multiple position options.
  • Tab Grabber eReader Holder for Wheelchairs: mounts and holdseReaders and tablets securely for easy access with an 18-inch gooseneck arm.Features a unique swivel head that adjusts for optimal viewing and interactivepositioning. The base clamp is designed to mount to round tubing up to 11/8-inch diameter, accommodating most wheelchair frame sizes.
  • United™ Wheelchair Mount: c-clamp allowsyou to attach most 7-12-inch tablets to flat or round surfaces. Its carbonfiber arms lock into place for a secure grip that resists shaking. It caneasily be moved to a bed rail or counter surface. Arm length is limited to 13inches.


Stands are an inexpensive way to combine flexibility and stability when positioning your smart device. There are many to choose from depending on your needs. The following are some of the most popular floor and table top and lap stands:

Floor Stands

  • Levo Floor Mount iPad: six movements place your device in multiple positions while you sit in a chair or lie in bed. Holds tablets weighing up to four lbs.
  • PylePro iPad Floor Stand: securely holds iPad® (1st-4th generation) without scratching or marring it. Multi-angle adjustment allows precise positioning so all controls, buttons and connectors are accessible when iPad® is clipped on. The multi-mount design provides both horizontal and vertical orientation of the device

Table Top and Lap Stands

  • IKEA Brada Laptop Support: inexpensive, a rubber strip on the undersidekeeps the unit firmly in place while you are working at a desk or countertop
  • Laid Back Laptop Support: can position your laptop’s front edge within millimeters of your body.You don't have to constantly lift your elbows and arms to use your keyboard.
  • PadPillow Pillow Stand for iPad: soft pillow lets you rest your iPad on your lap.
  • Prop n’ Go Slim: adjustable bed holder and lap stand for iPad, iPad Air, iPad mini, tablets and eReaders with multi-angle control.
  • The Wedge Stand: designed to hold your cell phone or tablet securely at a natural reading angle no matter where you are. Easily transportable and adjustable.
  • Trabasack Computer and Tablet Carrying Cases: provides aportable, modern alternative to traditional bean bag lap trays. Comes with asturdy work surface on one side and can open up to store your tablet when youaren’t using it.

* The Tech Lab offers these resources for educational purposes and does not endorse any products, including those mentioned on this site. Many others are available. Please check online for additional products, manufacturers and user reviews.