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Switches provide alternative access for those with limited mobility. They are used to control devices that help perform many aspects of daily living, from opening doors to changing channels on a television or answering the phone.

Note: Most switches plug into an 1/8-inch port. However, in medical facilities like Craig Hospital, call light jacks/ports are traditionally 1/4-inch. If you need an adaptor, click here for more information.

The following are some of our most popular switches:

Big Red Switch: Features a five-inch activation surface. Comes in a variety of colors.

Buddy Button Switch: Requires only 3.5 ounces of force to activate its 2.5-inch surface.

Clarity AS100 Air Switch: Originally designed to operate a telephone; can be adapted for a variety of switch-operated devices. Note: This is a sensitive switch that does not need to be in the user’s mouth.

Glassouse Puff Switch

Grasp Switch: This tube-shaped device activates with a squeeze or a pinch. You must be able to release your grip within two seconds for it to operate properly.

Honeybee Proximity Switch

Hook+ Switch Interface: Provides a reliable wired connection to your iPad or iPhone via the lightning connector. Hook+ is compatible with Switch Control found in iOS 8 or later. Allows you to connect up to four switches.

J-Pad Bluetooth Joystick for iPad

Little Candy Corn Proximity Sensor Switch: Activates when you wave a hand or move your body within 1/2-inch of the switch. Visual and auditory cues let you know when the unit is triggered. Internal magnet is helpful for mounting.

Micro Light Switch: Requires just 1/4th-oz. pressure. Comes with four brightly colored stickers.

New Blue2 Switchconnects to your device through Bluetooth, provides single or dual-switch access to iDevices running iOS 7, Apple desktop or laptop computers running OS X Mavericks and all switch accessible apps or software on iOS, OS X, Windows, Google Chrome and Android. Watch a brief video about the product.

Plate Switch: Thin switch activated by a light touch. Includes five brightly colored stickers.

Powerlink 4 Control Unit: Allows you to control up to two electrical appliances with single switches. You can also modify how long appliances will be turned on.

Specs Switch: Small enough to be worn, this 1 3/8th-inch switch is most often used as a mounted switch. 24-inch strap included.

Trigger Switch: This rugged 1/2-inch x 1/2-inch unit provides auditory and tactile feedback when pressed.

Ultimate Switch: Used as a head switch or for any part of the body; comes with a 19-inch gooseneck and universal clamp and can be attached to a bed, table top or wheelchair. Requires only the slightest touch, yet can withstand the abuse of gross body movements.

Ultra Light HD 1 Switch: Smaller than your thumb, this switch requires little pressure and provides tactile and audible feedback.

WarFighter Solo Switch: Inexpensive, compact 30mm unit can be mounted using the threaded hole on the back.

COLORADO-BASED RESOURCES Colorado company that enhances the independence of those with vision impairments through adaptive technology.


AbleData: Doesn't sell products but provides objective information and links to many brands of assistive technology and rehabilitation equipment.

AbleNet Inc.: Markets more than 800 technology products and curriculum solutions for professionals who serve those with disabilities, as well as the end-users themselves.

Broadened Horizons: Focuses on equipment for individuals with limited or no use of their hands and arms. Their products focus on independent living, recreation, travel and environmental control.

Enabling Devices: Has been creating innovative communicators, toys and switches for individuals with disabilities for more than 35 years.

Marblesoft: Specializes in special education equipment and software. They offer a variety of switch options and other assistive technologies.

R.J. Cooper: Develops hardware and software products for those with special needs. The company’s goal is to provide “personalized solutions for challenging situations.”