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Peer Mentor Program at Craig

Peer Mentorship at Craig 

The mission of Craig’s Peer Mentor program is to foster connections between our inpatients and those in the community living with spinal cord injury or brain injury.  After medical care and therapies, there lies a gap into the unknown for patients who are re-entering the community.  A peer mentor can bridge that gap by providing insight into what life may look like in the community.  A peer, who shares stories of their life experience, offers a glimpse into living with a disability.  This allows the patient to imagine their future self, striving for a life well-lived.  Sometimes, even being a friendly listener can be beneficial to our patients.   Peer mentors will benefit in knowing that they shared insight, guidance and support through a very daunting time in a person’s life.  It’s a win-win situation.

Become a Peer Mentor at Craig 

Peer Mentor Expectations

As a peer mentor you will be expected to show compassion for all types of people.  We would encourage you to present yourself as a positive role model while not being overbearing. It is important to remember that newly injured persons may not have the same perspective as the mentor. 

Your experience as a mentor may include participating in therapeutic recreation activities, assisting with various physical therapy or occupational therapy sessions, connecting one-on-one with patients, contributing to education classes, and attending hospital events as planned, among a variety of other opportunities that arise. 

Getting Started 

If this sounds like a fulfilling opportunity, please also send a letter of intent describing what kind of support you could provide our patients and what life lessons were helpful after you returned to the world as a person living with a spinal or brain injury. 

Take the steps to become a peer mentor: 

  1. Fill out & submit the Volunteer Application
  2. Fill out & submit the Peer Match Form