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Support the Sea Wolf Adventure Scholarship

Craig Sea Wolf Adventure excursions are intimate week-long trips exploring places like the San Juan Islands in Washington, Tongass National Forest in southeast Alaska, and Glacier Bay National Park. Sea Wolf is a 12-passenger/6-crew live-aboard vessel that has been retrofitted for accessibility. Passengers spend their days kayaking, hiking, wildlife viewing, and exploring state and national parks.

Craig Hospital’s Therapeutic Recreation program has offered the Sea Wolf Adventure trip for more than sixteen years. The trip, led by Craig therapists, provides Craig Hospital graduates with spinal cord and brain injuries the opportunity to expand their horizons and realize that travel and adventure can still be a part of life following a catastrophic injury. Alumni practice traveling independently, or with caregiver/staff assistance, to try new things and/or new equipment, build confidence, have fun, and make memories that will last a lifetime! Participants find the experience exhilarating and life-changing. Some have been inspired to even greater personal courage than they had prior to the experience that brought them to Craig for care. For many, the Sea Wolf Adventure has proven a celebration of having overcome the most difficult tribulation they will ever face in life.

Getting back to recreational activities has helped reassure us that life can still include adventure. Seeing an otter peeking out of the water just beyond your kayak bow or watching eagles soar off the starboard, soaring in the mist has thrilled us deep in our spirit and built our hope of more recovery. 'Thanks' seems so simple, yet your donation to the recreation therapy program has had such a profound impact.

Jamie (Craig alumni 2020-21) and Dawn (mom)

Sea Wolf Adventures donates a good portion (25%) of each trip, yet every year there are a number of individuals interested in this incredible trip who don’t have the financial means to make their dream a reality. That's where generous people like you step in. We need your help to raise $40,000 to provide scholarships so that every patient who wants to attend this life-changing outing receives financial assistance to make this possible. Will you help us ensure that patients can experience the personal empowerment offered by this adventure?

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The opportunity to experience a small boat excursion in Alaska with competent assistance and compassion was a gift made possible for us by Craig Hospital donors. It never fails to move me that the kindness and generosity of strangers have enriched our life so much.

Julie Dallago

My husband, Gene, and I were very fortunate to go to Alaska on the Sea Wolf with Craig Hospital in May of 2015. It was our first vacation since he suffered a brain stem stroke from a ruptured aneurysm in 2009. It really was an adventure, made possible only because of the scholarship we received through Craig Hospital. A trip like this would otherwise be completely out of our reach financially. Craig Hospital’s Adventure program has fostered opportunities to expand and broaden our life, which could so easily be limited by circumstances. I remain grateful for these new experiences that have taken us beyond the confines of our daily challenges. And the Sea Wolf Adventure topped them all.

We kayaked almost every day in Alaska, and saw abundant wildlife in extraordinary landscapes throughout the entire trip. I do not think I have ever traveled somewhere so isolated or seen such pristine wilderness. We had the entire Inner Passage of Glacier Bay to ourselves and barely saw another person, which was a real privilege. The Sea Wolf itself was a beautiful boat. It was small, yet fully accessible, and the crew was extraordinarily competent. Between assistance from the crew and two therapists from Craig Hospital my mind was quickly put at ease, realizing my husband was in capable hands. I believe this helped me to truly enjoy the trip. I have been my husband’s sole caregiver since 2009 and it meant so much to have assistance, which allowed me to release some responsibility and relax. We had a lot of help, which is something we do not have at home. Outside of personal care, everything on the trip was provided for. The crew and the therapists were experienced, compassionate, and conscientious and for me, this made all the difference. We had no contact with the outside world and there was no worry about time or schedules, which made it a genuine respite. We saw wildlife every day: whales, porpoises, bald eagles, goats, black bears, starfish, seals, otters, sea lions and extraordinary birds. We shared our time with a diverse group of Craig Hospital graduates whom had each experienced their own incredible journeys of survival, and in that fortitude we found common ground.

The opportunity to experience a small boat excursion in Alaska with competent assistance and compassion was a gift made possible for us by Craig Hospital donors. It never fails to move me that the kindness and generosity of strangers have enriched our life so much. The Sea Wolf adventure was incredibly unique and gave us access to an experience and place otherwise off limits. My husband has told me that activities that get him out of his wheelchair give him a sense of normalcy that he enjoys. And after everything he has been through, it truly filled me up to see him on the water kayaking among glaciers. These are memories I will always cherish.

-Julie Dallago

Julie really said it all and there is very little to add. I do want to stress that one of the nicest parts of the trip was the accommodation of my physical infirmities. So often I feel second class because of the same. It was most gratifying to have my needs taken care of without feeling as if I was an inconvenience, or perhaps worse, a piece of luggage. I would also like to offer that the food was sublime and always a treat to indulge in.

-Gene Dallago