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Craig Hospital Admissions

Craig Hospital treats patients with spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury or related neurological disorders. We serve inpatients and outpatients and conduct Interdisciplinary Outpatient Evaluations (IOE).

Inpatient Referral

Inpatient admission referrals to Craig Hospital can be made by a physician, clinician, or insurance representative. The hospital will need to fax in a referral to (720) 599-3990. Your referral will be evaluated by our team of experts.

Physician Referral

Physicians can directly refer patients to Craig Hospital through our CNS Medical Group by calling 303-789-8220. The hospital will need to fax in a referral to (720) 599-3990. Your referral will be evaluated by our team of experts.

About Craig Booklet

This guide contains helpful information for prospective patients and families.

2017 Admissions Booklet

New Outpatient Referral

To refer a new outpatient to Craig Hospital, contact Margie Shockley at 303-789-8474 or

Outpatient Interdisciplinary Outpatient Evaluation (IOE)

For patients who have previously been treated at Craig Hospital and want to schedule an IOE, please contact Kay Bierdz at 303-789-8215.

Rehabilitative Neurosurgery Referral

If physicians want to make a referral or want more information about syringomyelia, pain, tethered spinal cord, spasticity, etc., please contact the office of Scott Falci, MD, in our Rehabilitative Neurosurgery program at 303-761-5281 or

General Information

For general information about Craig Hospital programs not specific to a patient, contact Kenny Hosack, Director of Provider Relations, at, Perry Ann Williams, Providers Relations Manager, at, or Beth Gargan at

Choosing the right specialty hospital for spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury rehabilitation is important to your success in life after such catastrophic injuries. There are significant differences in rehabilitation programs, and the best option for you may involve being away from home. Rehabilitation hospitals may have different approaches, different staff qualifications and expertise, and different areas of specialization.

Below is a list of common questions patients and families often have, and Craig Hospital’s answers to those questions. Families are also strongly encouraged to personally visit any programs they are considering, ask these questions, and compare the quality of programs.

FAQ about Craig Hospital

Families are critical to the rehabilitation process, and Craig highly values family inclusion at all levels. We have high expectations for family involvement.  Families are welcome at Craig Hospital, and are highly encouraged to participate in therapy sessions, conferences, and community outings with their loved ones.

We believe education is key to rehabilitation and independence. We have several dozen subspecialty clinics and educational programs, such as airline travel training, rehab engineering workshop, sexuality and fertility, finances, adaptive equipment, and others. We also have an in-house TV production studio, and 55 self-produced training DVDs available for viewing on the closed-circuit televisions in every patient room, family education and support groups, a patient and family education resource room, and manuals written by Craig staff.

Yes, there is a 47-unit family housing building on campus, and 30 days of free housing for families.

Craig has master’s level clinical care managers who are responsible for coordinating discharge planning. Each patient has a clinical care manager on his or her interdisciplinary team. 

Yes. For decades, Craig has had a follow-up services department, which provides outpatient reevaluation programs for approximately 630 patients with SCI and 32 with TBI each year, as well as clinic services for Craig outpatients. Craig also has a free nurse advice line.

Craig Hospital does take patients on ventilators. We have been working with ventilator dependent patients for three decades. Our ventilator weaning program is extremely successful and has an excellent reputation for weaning patients on mechanical ventilation while they are undergoing rehabilitation. All ventilator patients will need to be evaluated by a clinical liaison prior to admission. 

Physician to physician referral is required for all brain injury referrals. Physician referral of patients with spinal cord injury is highly recommended. Many times a patient's medical records are required to make an admission determination. 

We want families to know that we admit patients from almost every state in the U.S. each year, we understand and work with families on these challenges virtually every day. We also have family housing on campus for families from out of state, which is free for the first 30-days. We know this is a difficult time for your family and we want to make it as easy on you as possible. 

Many families choose to come to Craig Hospital because of our exceptional outcomes, peer support, years of expertise and support of family.