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From the tops of mountain to the bottom of the sea, you’ll find Craig Hospital patients and graduates exploring and being active thanks to Craig’s Therapeutic Recreation Department.

The donor-funded program uses sport, recreation and leisure opportunities to re-engage patients and their families with life and meet important therapeutic goals.

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“At Craig, rehab is more than just getting up and learning to get dressed and move in a chair. To the staff at Craig, that does not equate to a full life. We are helping people return to the passions that define them or helping them discover new ways to enjoy their lives.

Tom Carr, director of Therapeutic Recreation

The Therapeutic Recreation department offers a variety of different programs, from day-trips for inpatients to local sporting events and attractions to kayak trips in the San Juan Islands for graduates and their families.

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Each Craig inpatient is assigned a certified therapeutic recreation specialist (CTRS) who serves as an important member of the patient’s treatment team. The therapist will evaluate the patient, and suggest different activities, from gardening, music, arts and crafts, to various sports. Patients can try a variety of different activities to return to a previous interest or find a new one.


Support T-Rec at Craig

Therapeutic Recreation is not reimbursed by insurance companies, so the program relies on support from donors for general operating expenses and equipment.

“When an able-bodied person wants to try a new sport, they can run to Wal-Mart and buy $50 worth of gear and be set,” says Tom Carr, director of Therapeutic Recreation. “But when we’re talking about adaptive equipment, these pieces can run $3,000-$5,000 and more! It’s a capital investment; so we want to make sure our patients have access not only to equipment but to the ‘right equipment’ and that takes time and money.”

We have a deep sense of gratitude and admiration for the awe-inspiring work done at Craig Hospital each and every day! The compassion and devotion of the staff to the patients (and their families) who have suffered spinal cord or traumatic brain injuries is truly remarkable. Their work starts when a new patient arrives, and does not end until they leave, forever changed, but with the ability to live a long, happy, and capable life. The Therapeutic Recreation Program in particular removes limitations and introduces new ways for the patients to experience and enjoy a seemingly unlimited number of activities (sports, art, music, biking, fishing, hunting, skiing, scuba-diving, etc., etc.) whether it’s the patient’s first encounter, or their life-long passion. We have seen first-hand how restorative and uplifting that can be!!

Thank you Craig Hospital, we are all truly blessed that you are there for so many whose lives were changed because of your selfless work. We are honored to support Craig and the amazing people who are part of the Craig community, and we look forward to seeing the support for Craig grow so that together we can all change the lives of many more to come.

The Corley Legacy Foundation