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Working at Craig

As you consider Craig Hospital as a place to establish or further your career, it's important to realize that no one company is right for everyone. To help you evaluate Craig as a possible match, this page contains information that you can use to determine whether your career aspirations and talents and Craig's culture and strengths might be a good "fit."

Work Environment

The atmosphere at Craig Hospital is collegial. Our employees are on a first-name basis with one another as well as with the executive and leadership staff. We all work with "open doors" and accomplish our work through the use of collaboration between all departments. Everyone's job is critical to the successful treatment of our patients. This gives our employees the valuable opportunity to work with and learn from colleagues representing different disciplines to broaden knowledge, gain skills and support the overall goal of patient care. This is a tough job and our staff work hard at providing the best care possible; however, we have found that humor is a vital part of patient recovery and staff fulfillment. We place a value on fun in the work and healing environment.

Employee Participation and Growth

Craig Hospital listens to, recognizes and rewards great ideas from employees at all levels of the organization. Moreover, we are committed to supporting our employees' efforts to grow to their full potential. Craig employees are expected to take ownership of mapping their careers and professional development. Through employee satisfaction surveys and education assistance programs Craig shares this responsibility with staff. We encourage both formal and informal performance feedback, mentoring programs and internal and external educational training opportunities to help achieve professional goals.

Organizational Structure

We are an independent, non-profit organization. We intend to maintain our independence, which gives us the ability to implement critical business decisions quickly and enables us to give our patients truly the best care possible. We have approximately 850 full/part-time staff and 175 per-diem staff. In comparison to most hospitals, we are relatively small yet large enough to provide competitive wages and good benefits. Our size enables staff to work in a fun, family atmosphere while providing employees with unique opportunities to develop broad knowledge and experience which allows them to assume increasing responsibility when they are ready.

Staff Loyalty

Approximately 30% of Craig staff have been here for ten or more years. We have many long-term employees who are willing to share their experience through our mentoring program. In a health care employment market increasingly challenged by turnover, we are always encouraged by the fact that many of our staff (in all departments) have decided to build their careers at Craig Hospital. Equally impressive is the number of "boomerangs" at Craig Hospital. These employees who left and later decided to return are probably the best evidence that Craig is a special place to work.

Are You And Craig A Good Match?

We have identified the characteristics that are the building blocks of a successful career at Craig Hospital.

These qualities that help enable every Craig employee, no matter what his or her role, to grow professionally and achieve a satisfying and rewarding career. If you are interested in Craig as your employer of choice, we hope you will consider applying for a job at Craig Hospital.

Best wishes in your future career goals!

The staff at Craig are remarkable, and that is one of the main reasons Craig is an internationally-recognized rehabilitation and research hospital.

Jandel Allen-Davis, President, Craig Hospital