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Craig Marketplace: Current Listings

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  • 2006 Chevy handicap van

    Price: $10000 OBO

    Posted: 1/21/21 • Condition: Good

    Kelly Blue Book Values this van between 8,000 to 13,000. This is a handicap van with a side ramp/elavator. It was originally a New York government vehicle to pick up wheelchair patrons sold at auction and bought from a dealer in Nevada. My wife is in a power chair but has regained some mobility and no longer need it. The van has been well taken care of in my time of owning it. The van has some visible rust on the rocker panels from living it’s life in New York. But it is ready to help another family in need I do owe the bank so I can write a bill of sale but it would take 2 weeks before the title will be mailed off once the bank is paid off Read Less
    For more information & Photos, contact:
    Matthew King
  • Invacare Fully Electric Single Hospital Bed

    Price: $250 OBO

    Posted: 1/20/21 • Condition: Very Good

    Full motorized control Head & feet both elevate Entire bed goes up & down Frame Type: Full Electric Length: 87" Width: 36" Bed Height: 15" to 23"
    For more information & Photos, contact:
    Dave Stutman
  • Barely Used Power Wheelchair

    Price: $8000 OBO

    Posted: 1/19/21 • Condition: Excellent

    M3 Corpus Power Wheelchair Removable, adjustable arm rest $20,800 original price – used 3 months Price Negotiable – will reduce price substantially
    For more information & Photos, contact:
    Tracy Bowman-Loth
  • Highest Mobility Options: Invacare TDX SP - fully loaded!

    Price: $15000 OBO

    Posted: 1/18/21 • Condition: Excellent

    See more at: This Invacare TDX SP high-performance Power Wheelchair has all possible options to enhance safe and comfortable mobility with superior ride quality, quieter chassis and built-in technologies that make all the difference! True Center Wheel Drive, Enhanced Invacare SureStep Suspension, Traction Control Design, Quiet Invacare Stability Lock and Invacare MK6i electronics. LiNX® Control System REM400 with Attendant Control on Back of Chair Each element of chair position is fully controllable! Full range of tilt, recline & elevation – including head, legs & feet. Touchscreen or joystick drive control • SureStep Suspension and Stability Lock work in synergy to help maintain balance with a level seat and stability when transitioning over obstacles & thresholds. • G-Trac Technology helps provide precise tracking for imprecise environments such as side slopes, uneven or soft ground, or even bunched up carpets or door jambs. • Center Wheel Drive (CWD) provides the smallest turning diameter and smallest overall footprint vs FWD and RWD for optimum maneuverability. See more at:
    For more information & Photos, contact:
    Peggy Medeiros
  • Motorized Scooter

    Price: $500 OBO

    Posted: 1/18/21 • Condition: Good

    Motorized Scooter In good working condition Located in Wyoming. Can deliver to a few locations in Utah and Colorado $500OBO
    For more information & Photos, contact:
    Theresa Batchelor