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Respiratory Therapy

Craig Hospital's Respiratory Care Department has been working with ventilator dependent patients during spinal cord injury rehabilitation for more than three decades. Our ventilator weaning program is extremely successful, with an excellent reputation for comfortably weaning patients off mechanical ventilation while they are undergoing rehabilitation.

For those who will live on ventilators for the rest of their lives, Craig Hospital has an extensive reintegration program for transitioning patients and families to a more independent life.

Ventilator dependent patients

Ventilator dependent patients with quadriplegia face a physically and psychologically challenging life after injury. They will have to redefine the way they live. However, a person can live on a ventilator and lead a healthy and content life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many patients will be able to eat while on a ventilator. At Craig Hospital speech and respiratory work together to ensure a safe and functional swallow.

A cough will be weak or nonexistent for someone on a ventilator. 

Involuntary muscles spasms can make it appear as though a person with quadriplegia is able to move their limbs.

Patients on ventilators should be turned frequently to break up secretions, help with lung expansion, and protect their skin.