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Sherown Campbell

Location, Denver, CO

The Accident

Sherown Campbell, an avid athlete, husband, and father of two young children, was on vacation when a freak accident changed his life forever.

It was January 2014. Sherown had just completed his master's degree from Regis University in Denver and was on vacation in San Diego. He was horsing around with some friends when he fell at an awkward angle. "I heard a snap," he says. "My body went limp from there."

Sherown was paralyzed from the shoulders down. He was only able to slightly move one hand.

The injury was classified as quadriplegia. His first thought, he says, wasn't of himself. It was that he didn't want to become dependent on his wife and family. He feared that he wouldn't be the father to his children that he had been only a week before - able to hug them, hold them, and tuck them into bed.

Mighty Mouse

Before his accident, Sherown says, he enjoyed challenging his body to excel. His nickname at his local Cross Fit club was "Mighty Mouse," because, according to the gym's website, he "may be small but this guy is STRONG!"

That strength propelled him through rehab. Sherown came to Craig Hospital intent on gaining back as much mobility and function as possible.

"After I started getting some movement back,” he says, "then I felt [rehabilitation] was in my hands. I was responsible to push harder to do things." Tapping into the same fierce determination that drove him as an athlete, Sherown says his happiest time at Craig was when he and his therapists were striving to do more and achieve more.

Rehab at Craig

"The culture here is absolutely amazing," says Sherown. "They're always so upbeat in motivating you and pushing you. It helps more than words can really explain. I've truly found a deep love for everybody that I've worked with and care about them beyond what they would know."

By the summer of 2014, Sherown was using a forearm walker to walk and play with his children in their yard. They love to be outside and are learning to ride their bicycles, and he is right there with them.

"Craig has given me the idea and thought that my life is still going to continue," Sherown says. "Things will go on, it's just going to be in a different way. Everybody finds their own strengths and weaknesses. [Craig is] just the place to make things happen and move forward with your life."

Team Members

  • William M. Scelza, MD Medical Director and President of Craig Hospital Medical Staff

    Craig Physicians

    William "Bill" Scelza, MD, joined the CNS Medical Group and Craig Hospital in 2011 and is the Medical Director of Craig Hospital. He has also served as the Craig Hospital Outpatient Department Medical Director. Dr. Scelza is also Associate Clinical Professor at the University of Colorado School of Medicine's Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) and as the Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Medicine Fellowship Program Director at Craig Hospital/University of Colorado.

    Prior to joining CNS Medical Group, Dr. Scelza was Director of the Spinal Cord Injury Program at Carolinas Rehabilitation in Charlotte, N.C.

    Dr. Scelza completed his medical training at Case Western University in 1998. He then went on to his residency training in PM&R at the University of Michigan followed by a Fellowship in SCI Medicine at the Kessler Institute in 2002-2003. He holds board certifications in both Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Spinal Cord Injury Medicine and remains active with numerous professional organizations within those fields.

    Dr. Scelza has a wealth of personal and professional spinal cord injury experience, having lived with paraplegia since 1988. He is active with his family, recreation, and aging with spinal cord injury and disability advocacy.

  • Meghan Joyce, PT, DPT Clinical Supervisor; Physical Therapist

  • Nichola Abeyta Inpatient Clinical Care Manager

    Clinical Care Management

    Nichola Abeyta, MEd, started at Craig Hospital in 1989. She has a Master’s degree in Education and BA in Social Work. Niki is a member of the Spinal Cord Injury Program Committee Peer Mentor Committee and a team leader for the Motivational Interviewing initiative. Niki also assists with new employee orientation. She represents Craig Hospital Patient and Family Services as a lead clinician for a multi-year, multi-facility study on spinal cord injury outcomes. Niki has co-authored two published study articles.

  • Julie Hartman Clinical Coordinator of the PEAK

    The PEAK Center at Craig Hospital

    Julie Walde, PT, DPT, sets the direction and client care at the PEAK Center as our Doctor of Physical Therapy. She is also a certified CrossFit trainer and manages EKSO, Lokomat, Bioness, FES Devices, RT600, RT 300, and the Zero-Gravity Gait Trainer. Julie’s DPT degree is from Regis University in Denver, CO. She is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association. Her passion is working with individuals with neurological disabilities and diseases. She has a strong commitment to life-long learning, as she is consistently attending conferences and courses to keep up with the current best treatment strategies and continuing to grow as a professional. She has actively participated in multiple research studies. Julie loves her job, her clients, and The PEAK. Her favorite part is empowering individuals to achieve their optimal health, wellness, and or recovery. "Nothing is more rewarding than to see my clients healthy and happy." Julie is best known for her compassion and her ability "think outside of the box" with her creative and individualized treatment techniques. Outside of the PEAK Center, Julie enjoys spending time with her family and friends and loves doing anything active: camping, hiking, cycling, running. She is a huge Broncos fan!

  • Donna Goldberg Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist

    Therapeutic Recreation

    Donna Goldberg is an SCI Therapeutic Recreation Specialist who brings her wealth of talent and expertise to a 35 year career at Craig Hospital. Her areas of specialty include artistic and athletic skills that have had great impact and have enhanced the TR experience of her patients.


[The staff is] so upbeat in motivating you and pushing you. I’ve truly found a deep love for everybody that I’ve worked with.

Sherown Campbell, Craig Grad 2014

NeuroRecovery Network

Sherown is currently participating in the NeuroRecovery Network (NRN) at Craig Hospital.

NRN is an outpatient intensive therapy program designed to improve functional mobility, independence and quality of life in individuals who have sustained catastrophic spinal cord injury through physical and occupational therapy.

NeuroRecovery Network

Motivated to Progress

“The thing that is unique about Craig is that they truly care here. Everybody understands going on with spinal cord injuries, which is a huge difference, and the help that the...