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Jeramiah Gouin: "8 Seconds"

October 24, 2016

Jeramiah “Jer” Gouin grew up on a ranch outside Las Vegas, New Mexico. Ranch life was his love. He started riding horses at 4 years old, leading him to a rodeo life of roping and bull riding. Always putting others before himself, he became a rodeo bullfighter to protect the riders during their 8 second ride.

On Memorial Day weekend 2016, Jeramiah began a new journey. Doing his job, he put himself between a falling bull rider and a 1500 pound bull. The bull tossed Jeramiah once then turned and trampled him like a “pancake,” as he describes it.

Jeramiah sustained a C5-C6 fracture of his spine, leaving with incomplete quadriplegia.

Watch Jeramiah's Journey at Craig.