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Craig Hospital uses new interactive technology for hand therapy

October 28, 2014

Craig Hospital introduced a new device in the Upper Extremity Clinic that uses interactive technology for hand therapy.

Leonard Somers was excited to try the Tyromotion Amadeo® at Craig Hospital. Occupational therapists at Craig are using the Amadeo®, a new device designed to work with the range of motion in the hands and to help people be more independent with activities of daily living.

November 2nd marks the one-year anniversary of the skiing accident that caused Somers' spinal cord injury. His heroic rescue was highly publicized, because his rescuer was his Siberian Husky Juneau. With Juneau by his side, he worked with Occupational Therapist Jennifer Philips on the new machine.

The Amadeo adjusts to each individual. Magnets hook each finger to the machine. The therapist can choose between a number of different activities, from stretching exercises, where the passive hand is stimulated, to interactive therapy, in which a person plays a game or completes tasks using their muscles. Amadeo® measures the progress of the therapy, so the occupational therapist can adjust it accordingly.

Somers says he hopes the machine will help improve his typing skills so he can return to work as an engineer. He also hopes it might help him strengthen the muscles he would need to paraglide!