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Workout at Home

August 14, 2020

During the COVID-19 pandemic, as much of the country continues to socially distance and remain at home as much as possible, it can be challenging to come up with good ways to stay active and keep your body moving. Especially with more time indoors and in front of screens, our shoulders, neck and back could use some extra attention. Physical therapists at Craig put together a series of exercises to help you stay home and stay active. You can see the full playlist of videos here, and a few examples are included below.

Workout at Home: Shoulders

Shoulder strength and stretching are important for your upper body, particularly if you are a manual wheelchair user. Our video playlist has six shoulder exercises to keep you strong and healthy.

Scapular Retraction with Shoulder External Rotation (with resistance band)

Workout at Home: Neck and Back

Tightness in your neck and back is a lifelong battle, and with more time inside and in front of screens right now, it's even more of a challenge. Our playlist includes five exercises like the seated cat-cow below to help keep you limber.

Workout at home: Seated Cat-Cow

Workout at Home: Cardio

Don't forget cardio! Getting your heart rate up is important for your heart health, so mixing up cardio and strength training is a great idea as you build your at-home workout routine.

Workout at home: Cardio

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