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Craig Graduate’s Passion for RC Car Racing Benefits Hospital

September 11, 2017

Doug Murphy is one example of the many Craig graduates who find extraordinary ways to give back to the hospital. Doug was able to return to his passion for remote control (RC) car racing and competed in the 2017 Quarter Scale Auto Club (QSAC) national championships in July in Clover, South Carolina. As Doug is an integral part of the QSAC community, the organization named Craig Hospital as its charitable partner for the 2017 season.

Doug’s return to racing was not easy after his spinal cord injury, but he credits his Craig team with helping him get through the most difficult time in his life.

After undergoing surgery on his neck for spinal stenosis (narrowing of spinal channel), there were complications: Doug couldn’t move his arms or legs and was breathing on a ventilator.

He was transferred to Craig in 2015, where he spent five months rehabilitating. When he left the hospital, Doug was able to stand, walk and do something he loved again: drive remote control cars.

“When you’re at your lowest point and you don’t think anything is possible, and then all of a sudden, it’s, ‘Hey, I can do this,’ – that’s empowering lives and that’s what Craig does.”

Doug's car paint scheme includes the new Craig brand and his number,15, which symbolizes the year Doug graduated from Craig: 2015. On the back window of the car are all the names of Doug's team at Craig that helped him get his life back and return to his passion.

A special thanks to the three manufacturers and one vendor that donated items for the raffle at the national championships, with the proceeds of $1,955.00 going directly to the therapeutic recreation department RC cars for current and future therapy.

WCM -- DRX Damper system complete with springs

KLM -- Set of rod ends and a carburetor

SZM -- Shark ECM body

DMS -- Sonic Racer's Special Chassis