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Craig Hospital and National Sports Center for the Disabled Announce Community Partnership

March 02, 2018

Craig Hospital and the National Sports Center for the Disabled (NSCD) have joined forces to offer a variety of resources for individuals with disabilities to participate in sports and recreation opportunities. The community partnership was announced at the 2018 NSCD Wells Fargo Cup, where a Craig staff team participated in the Corporate Challenge Ski Race with paralympian Alana Nichols.

As part of the partnership, Craig has provided financial assistance to the NSCD to enhance its current offerings. In addition, the hospital will align some of its own adaptive activities with the NSCD’s programs – specifically its summer programs that include kayaking, rock climbing, horseback riding, camping and more.

“Our interests and activities define who we are – not our abilities or disabilities,” said Diane Eustace, NSCD Operations and Communications Director. “We are excited to join forces with Craig, which will allow us to deliver more of our adaptive recreation and sports offerings to an even wider audience.”

The partnership aligns with the missions of both organizations, which focus on helping those living with disabilities to live a full and exciting life.

Therapeutic recreation is an integral part of the total rehabilitation process. The NSCD provides so many of our patients and graduates with a way to be involved in recreation beyond the hospital, so a partnership made a lot of sense,” said Mike Fordyce, President and CEO of Craig. “We are excited to formalize a partnership that will help both organizations continue to advocate for empowering the lives of people living with disabilities.”

Watch the announcement video that premiered at the NSCD Wells Fargo Cup below, and view more photos of the Craig Hospital Corporate Challenge ski team.

Craig Hospital and National Sports Center for the Disabled Announce Community Partnership at 2018 NSCD Wells Fargo Cup to Provide Adaptive Sports and Recreation Opportunities.