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Craig Hospital offers the finest rehabilitation anywhere.

It isn’t just our patient outcomes, expertise and specialization that make Craig Hospital the best choice for recovery. It's the patient-centered treatment policies, state-of-the art facilities and equipment, cutting edge research, family-friendly environment, remarkable longevity of our staff, supportive patient peer group, and location in Denver, Colorado. You’re not just getting the best care out there...when you come to Craig, you join a family.

We've worked with more patients with spinal cord injuries than any other single center in the country.

We’ve gained tremendous expertise by focusing solely on spinal cord injuries (SCI) and traumatic brain injuries (TBI) since we became a specialty hospital in 1956.


31,000+ patients with an SCI or TBI have been treated at Craig Hospital

Each year 500 inpatients treated and 1600 outpatients treated

At any given time there are 50-55 patients with an SCI and 25-30 patients with a TBI

Where are Craig Patients from?

Craig patients come from all over the country to work with our team at our central location in Denver, CO.

The long tenure of our staff results in a remarkable level of skill and outstanding service.

Our medical staff has pioneered rehabilitation and survival techniques that have been adopted around the world. Our nursing staff is among the best in the country. Craig Hospital has been ranked among the nation's top ten rehabilitation hospitals by U.S. News and World Report for 26 years.



average years of experience of therapy staff at Craig Hospital


average years of experience of attending medical staff at Craig Hospital

Awards, Accolades, Mentions, and Related Links

  • Top Ten Rehab Center consecutively since 1990

  • Ranked #1 Rehab Hospital in the U.S. by the American Nurses Association

Related Patient Story: Andrea Briggs

The people here, they push me, and I love it because I know it’s going to get me home base. I love Craig. It is like my second home.

Andrea Briggs
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We believe family members are critical to a patient's rehabilitation.

Patients that feel encouraged and empowered are more successful. That’s why Craig believes in creating a dream-team of caregivers for each patient, and supplementing it with support from family and friends. Craig has no restrictions on visiting hours - families are encouraged to attend therapies and be part of the team. Counselors assist families with their adjustment to injury, understanding insurance policies, application for public benefits, and discharge planning.

Graduates of Craig and their families consistently credit some of their success to what other patients and families have taught them. Friendships developed at Craig often last for life.


30 days of free housing is provided to families

Free wi-fi so family members can stay connected and keep working if needed


Our patient outcomes are extraordinary.

Compared to national averages, Craig graduates make greater gains during their initial treatment. They are discharged to their homes at higher rates, are more functionally independent and require less attendant care.


91 %

of our patients return home after initial rehab

50 %

return to work or school within one year after rehab

95 %

of patients and and families are very satisfied with their experience at Craig

Our large group of patients with similar ages, backgrounds, and injuries are able to teach, support, and give each other hope.

Both patients and families find encouragement and learn from others. This interactive education - supplementing what patients and families learn from the treatment staff - is a valuable benefit. Graduates of Craig and their families consistently credit some of their success to what other patients and families have taught them. Friendships developed at Craig often last for life.

Related Patient Story: Sherown Campbell

The staff at Craig has been an instrumental part of my success.

Sherown Campbell
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We're centrally located near Denver, CO.

Craig Hospital is located in beautiful Colorado, where the sun shines more than 300 days per year and the low humidity allows many of our therapies and activities to be held outdoors. We are located in Englewood, a suburb of Denver. It has been described as "feeling like a small town within a big city." Everything you need is easily within reach of the Craig Hospital campus.

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