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Neurorehabilitation at Craig

Craig is the most optimistic and instructive environment for expediting your recovery and rebuilding your life.

Thomas Pennell, Craig Brain Injury Graduate

Craig Hospital's neurorehabilitation program centers on a patient-first philosophy to aid in the recovery and management of neurological injuries, diseases and disorders. Among the conditions our neurorehabilitation program specializes in are brain injury (BI) and spinal cord injury (SCI), stroke, aneurysm, encephalopathy, anoxia, SCI patients on ventilators, and neuromuscular disorders such as transverse myelitis and Guillain-Barré syndrome.

Our program is rooted in an interdisciplinary team approach to maximize independence, increase function, improve life quality, and provide the tools and resources to manage symptoms.

Craig was monumental in preparing me to return to a fulfilling life after injury. ... [T]he skills I learned to maximize my independence were exceptional and beyond typical rehab.

Samantha Summers, Craig Spinal Cord Injury Graduate

I came to Craig very unsure about my future, not knowing how I could live my life. The amazing people at Craig gave me the confidence and skills I needed to be independent and move forward.

Jake Javier, Craig Spinal Cord Injury Graduate