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Ten Highlights from the Decade

January 22, 2020

The last decade has been one of innovative ideas, new milestones and big changes here at Craig. We had the opportunity to celebrate so much in the past ten years, so it was difficult to choose just one highlight per year. We did the hard work, though, and below are some of the top moments we chose from the decade. To stay on top of the happenings at Craig, check out our Facebook and Instagram pages.

A few highlights from the past ten years:

2010: Craig starts a music therapy program

Craig Hospital Music Therapy

Neurologic music therapy at Craig began as a pilot project with five patients, and its impact was immediately apparent, transitioning into a full program the following year. The goal of the program is to provide live music experiences to facilitate the recovery of non-musical functions, like walking and speaking. Music can be a powerful therapy for some patients, like Spencer, and since music therapy is often not covered by insurance, it's a Craig program that receives donor support. The donor-funded program has grown dramatically since 2010, serving 61 patients for 659 sessions during the 2018 calendar year.

2011: Craig opens the PEAK (Performance, Exercise, Attitude and Knowledge) Center

Craig Hospital PEAK Center in 2011

Opening a gym that was for the community was a huge milestone. But if you're familiar with our space, then you already know that the PEAK is now located in an even more up-to-date space. One hint that this is the old gym: that's our old logo! Check out what the PEAK Center has to offer in its new space. Since 2011, the PEAK Center has served over 1,700 people.

2012: Craig receives the ANCC Magnet Prize for our Nurse Advice Line

Craig Hospital Wins Magnet Prize

Four years after its launch in 2008, our Nurse Advice Line, a free service for people with spinal cord and brain injuries and their families, won the prestigious Magnet Prize for being an innovative program. At the time of their award, the Nurse Advice Line had received more than 10,000 calls and assisted more than 5,500 people since its inception. More recently, they handled 7,313 calls in the last year alone!

2013: Craig featured in HBO documentary The Crash Reel with Craig grad and pro-snowboarder Kevin Pearce

Craig Hospital in HBO documentary Crash Reel with Kevin Pearce

Pro snowboarder Kevin Pearce sustained a traumatic brain injury while training for the Olympics in 2009 and came to Craig for his rehabilitation. Four years later, HBO debuted a documentary about his rehabilitation journey and advocacy for wearing helmets. Pearce has gone on to start a foundation called LoveYourBrain that supports people living a brain-healthy lifestyle through yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

2014: Craig unveils the Indego exoskeleton as part of a multi-center study of its impact

Patient using Indego Exoskeleton at Craig Hospital

An exoskeleton provides full weight-bearing support for people with neurological disorders to help them walk. Craig was the first rehabilitation hospital to use the Ekso Bionics exoskeleton in 2012, and in 2014, we were excited to join the multi-center study of the Indego exoskeleton, both of which patients continue to have access to at Craig.

2015: Craig becomes the first free-standing rehabilitation hospital to achieve three consecutive Magnet designations

Nurses Celebrating Magnet Designation at Craig Hospital

The Magnet designation is a huge honor for our nursing staff and represents sustained and demonstrated patient care outcomes that are a result of their superior nursing and interdisciplinary care. The entire hospital was excited to celebrate for the third consecutive designation in a row!

2016: Craig cuts the ribbon on a $90 million expansion to our campus

Craig Hospital Cuts Ribbon on New Building

Our three-year construction and expansion of our campus added approximately 85,000 square feet of new space, renovated 135,000 square feet of existing space in our West building and connected our East and West buildings to create a unified campus. Craig staff, patients and families were excited to have new spaces, including an accessible garden and new space for the PEAK Center.

2017: PUSH Gala has a record-breaking year of raising funds for Craig patients and families

Craig Hospital has record-breaking gala

Our 2017 PUSH gala raised a record-breaking $1.8 million for Craig's Culture of Care Programs, therapies like Therapeutic Recreation, Adaptive Technology, Music Therapy and others that are generally not covered by insurance. Grad Kellie Johnson received the Inspiration Award that year and shared her rehabilitation journey after a traumatic brain injury on stage alongside her family.

2018: Dr. Jandel Allen-Davis named as President & CEO of Craig

Craig Hospital President & CEO Dr. Jandel Allen-Davis

Jandel Allen-Davis, MD, previously of Kaiser Permanente Colorado, was appointed President & CEO of Craig Hospital in 2018 following Mike Fordyce's retirement after ten years of compassionate leadership at Craig. Under his tenure, Craig was known as a top employer in Denver and our unique culture attracted some of the finest and most caring medical professionals and staff in the nation. Craig was excited to welcome Dr. Jandel Allen-Davis after her 24 years at Kaiser Permanente and the value she placed on patients and the quality of their care, aligning perfectly with Craig's culture.

2019: Craig is ranked by U.S. News & World Report as a Top Ten Rehabilitation Hospital for the 30th consecutive year

Craig Hospital Top Ten Rehabilitation Hospital U.S. News & World Report

Craig has ranked in the top ten every year since the U.S. News & World Report rankings began in 1990, so we were proud to be named a top ten rehabilitation hospital for the 30th consecutive year in 2019.